Breeding Top Quality Grey Brahmans

Tropical Cattle has a range of top quality Grey Brahman genetics for buyers to choose from.  We are producing a range of beef cattle to service the needs of our customers.

The location of the “The Orient” and the way our cattle are reared makes us confident of their ability to handle the conditions buyers are likely to put them under.  Our cattle are bred to survive and thrive in natural conditions.

2018 Highlights

Our fixed term AI program (approximately 300 head) continues to yield excellent results.  Buyers can select prodgeny from a range of internationally proven grey sires.

The recent acquisition of NCC Baby Doll 3759 (sired by JDH Mr Elmo Manso) adds further depth and docility into our herd.

Visitors will see the quality beef breeding in the stud and commercial bulls we have available to sale.